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The A-chik Evangelical Association (AEA) is a Faith Based Organisation and was formed with a view to serve primarily the Garo people in areas of their need both spiritual and physical or wherever it may be of any service to them. The basic motive of forming AEA was 1) to cater spiritual needs of the people and 2) to provide humanitarian services in terms of relief and development and 3) to create an awareness among the masses the need to balance the eco-system in Garo Hills and beyond. To this effect, the founders met in Williamnagar on the 29th December 1987 and resolved that the name of the Organisation shall be called “The A-chik Evangelical Association” or AEA in short. Later, this organisation was registered with the Government of Meghalaya on the 7th September 1989 under Societies Registration Act XII of 1983, Shillong, Meghalaya vide SR/AEA-246/89 of 1989.

Aims and Objectives:

The Constitution of AEA states that ‘as God may enable, it shall cater to the physical and spiritual needs within the framework of the Constitution of AEA’. Thus, its aims and objectives can be summed up as follows:

  • To cater the spiritual needs of the people and address to various problems (personal, social, economical, etc.) and provide counselings and help to find solutions to their problems.
  • To strive towards eradication of illiteracy among the masses.
  • To endeavour towards mitigating human suffering through charitable activities.
  • To join in the global struggle towards preservation of world Environment.
    Aims and Objectives

Organogram of AEA:


  • Central Committee  (Highest policy-making body)
  • Executive Committee (Oversee the activities)
  • Executive Secretary (Overall incharge)
  • Various Projects/Departments

AEA has its members spread over all North-Eastern States of India. Any person subscribing to the aims and objectives and the doctrinal basis of AEA can become a member and no membership fee is collected from them.

Executive Posts and Present Executive Members:

The Executive Committee of AEA is comprised of the following posts and the present members are

  1. Chairman: Mr. Puhran M. Sangma, Shillong.
  2. Vice-Chairman: Mr. H. P. N. Sangma, Tura.
  3. Executive Secretary: Mr. Manhseng A. Momin, Tura.
  4. Finance Secretary: Mr. Walseng A. Sangma, Tura.
  5. Treasurer: Mr. Sunmith G. Momin, Tura.
  6. Spiritual Training and Conference Secretary: Mr. Sunmith G. Momin, Tura.
  7. Relief and Development Secretary: Mr. Bablune R. Marak,.Williamnagar.
  8. Mission Secretary: Mr. Goldsmith R. Marak, Williamnagar.
  9. Literature Secretary: Mrs. Fameline K. Marak, Asanang.

Executive Members:

  1. Dr. Carter J. M. Sangma, Tura
  2. Mr. Primrose G. Momin, Tura.
  3. Mr. Havingstone G. Momin, Resu.
  4. Mr. Kalwith A. Sangma, Asanang, West Garo Hills.
  5. Mr. Mirthnarch K. Marak,Tura.
  6. Mr. Bargarin Marak, Bolonggitok, West Garo Hills.
  7. Mr. Luther D. Marak, Tura.
  8. Mr. Jim N. Sangma, Shillong.
  9. Mr. Krunsen M. Sangma, Williamnagar
  10. Mr. Bilseng M. Sangma, Baghmara.
  11. Ms. Mainora M. Sangma, Tura.

Area of Operation:

The area of operation of AEA mainly covers

  • Garo Hills and other North-Eastern States of India.
  • Other parts of India and beyond.

Thus, AEA seeks to fulfill its aims and objectives in order of priority and acknowledges its responsibility towards common welfare of all people of Garo Hills, North-East of India, other parts of India and beyond.

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